Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The Osmonds are the most underrated band in the history of rock and roll. This is due, in large part, to the band's own reluctance to further explore their "little bit rock and roll" side. I won't waste space telling you that Crazy Horses makes the bulk of Led Zeppelin's catalog irrelevant because, if you made it this far, you already know that. I stumbled upon this jam while looking for Osmond cartoon clips on YouTube. I don't recall this song from any of my Osmonds albums and nobody can identify it in the comments section. Below the video you'll see that I converted the song to mp3 so you can put this neckbreaker into heavy rotation on your playlist.

Every Osmond smokes on this recording. Jay Osmond absolutely punishes the ride cymbal during the breakdown. The ride cymbal had not taken a beating like this since Mitch Mitchell recorded "Manic Depression" and wouldn't be abused as righteously again until Les Binks came to kick the gong around on Judas Priest's "Beyond the Realms of Death." Merrill is up to his usual teeth kicking tricks, sounding like the illegitimate son of Tina Turner and an air raid siren. Wayne and Alan play double leads as if they are posing back to back and legs akimbo on a mountain of smoldering Thin Lizzy records. Donny is Donny: batter dipped and deep fried soul on two rug cutting legs. Just listen!

The Osmonds - The Unknown Jam

“Were going to open up with 'Crazy Horses' just to prove we can still kick 'em in the teeth live.” - Merrill Osmond


  1. Sort of reminds me of somthing off Deep Purple In Rock like Speedking or Bloodsucker.

  2. Gotta be the same animators that did Scooby Doo. The same eyes, flashing colors, obscure villain, and "bunched up" running.